We provide diagnostics, repairs and refurbishing for wide variety of industrial electronics including measuring and control devices, power converters and electromotors


The most important part of our work is a . We perform diagnostics either directly on site or at our workshop. We assess the extend of a damage and provide a first estimate of the repair cost before the complete diagnosis.


Our extensive knowledge allow us to find and replace just the defective parts of the device, with significantly reduced repair cost.
This work takes more expertise however, it enables us to repair wider range of equipment regardless of the device type, the year of production or the type of manufacturing company. This way we can also repair obsolete or inaccessible parts, which is important especially in older devices or imported devices from China, Korea, etc.

We also have some parts for a loan so our customers will not be left without working device.

If we find the repair physically or economically impossible, we will suggest a replacement, and provide professional installation.

1) Repairs are performed by replacing defective parts
2) We can deal with all kinds of electronic devices
3) We assess the entire defective part for hidden causes
4) We place a great emphasis on a proper testing of the single defective part followed by testing of the repaired part
5) There is 6-month warranty for our work
6) We provide a loan for some parts during a service time
7) We are able to repair some parts at the customer site

What we repaired:

1) Power supplies: Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Puls Power …
2) PLC: Siemens, Moeller, Lazersafe (Trumpf) …
3) Frequency Converters: SEW, Lenze, Siemens …
4) Servo drive control modules: Siemens, Baumüller, B&R, S.B.C, Indramat …
5) Proportional hydraulic valves: Bosch, Rexroth, Mannesmann, Moog …
6) Servomotors
7) Also: sensors, converters, measuring and regulatory cards, industrial computers …

Refurbishing and maintenance

We provide a maintenance for equipment that has been in operation for a long duration of time and is necessary to ensure it’s fluent performance. Due to our unique approach we can help to extend the life of the device and significantly reduce a potential cost associated with emergency shutdowns. Preventive maintenance also helps to avoid the destruction of devices key parts at a potential breakdown, which can significantly save the cost.


Based on customers requirements, we are able to design and include new elements to the existing assembly lines or to modify it to increase reliability, accuracy, safety and user friendly operation.

Parts in repaired

Since our customers are mostly companies from almost every industry, we have already interacted with many different types of devices and electronic parts from more than 500 manufacturers. We occasionally encounter situations, where the customer has the machine functional, but is unable to use it correctly due to the loss of documentation. In such cases, we are able to retrieve the functions of the device according to its diagram.

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